In an effort to revive the energy and overall vibe responsible for the love affair many have with hip hop today, DJ SIMSIMA and MR MASS introduce listeners to NO(w) FUTUR

NO(w) FUTUR starts with a 60′ mixtape by DJ SIMSIMA (French Hip Hop Dj)  and MR MASS (Music Photographer) : Two Hip hop lovers since FOR EVER
who decided to unite their forces , gettin tired of hearing the oh so classic sentence : hip hop is dead

The idea is to bring every 2 month a fresh taste of the new hip hop scene by releasing one mixtape  ( a proper mix like every dj should do not just pushing tracks and yelling on a mic ) and one concert in Paris.

They are focusing on new artists that come back to the roots of Hip hop (lyrics,skills and dope beats) threw their topics and productions choices.
The NO(w) FUTUR mixtape(s) is here to let people discover this fresh breath in Hip hop Music, lost in the oversaturated internet jungle
selecting the tracks for their quality in terms of productions and lyrics no matter if the mcs are famous or not, and not based on the usual ’90′s boom bap Vs new school’ theory.
They simply want to promote the good hip hop music.

« we’re not here to tell you how it’s going to end, we’re here to tell you how it’s going to begin »



Listen & Download :



(cliquez sur l’image pour télécharger la mixtape)

(click on the picture to download the mixtape)

Une réponse à MIXTAPE

  1. MICHEL dit :

    bonjour passionner de radio je voudrait recevoir votre catalogue si possible en français sur vos i931x et ghetto-baster, dynasty discolite (hamisonic boombox ETC merci

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